Reflecting on the visit to the recent Picasso show at the Modern Art gallery in Edinburgh

Trinity Arthouse visited the Picasso show at the Modern Art Gallery and loved it all!
We have been focusing on portraiture recently at Trinity Arthouse. We really enjoyed seeing many of Picasso's paintings shown alongside the work of contemporary artists such Wyndham Lewis, Francis Bacon and Ben Nicholson and Devid Hockney among others. We found the show fascinating and especially when you consider the impact he has had on so many contemporary painters. I don't think that any of us realised how diverse his work was - from drawings, paintings, prints, collage, sculpture, ceramics and to stage sets and costumes. He did it all!! We loved seeing his work evolve from realism, through his blue period and into cubism. The Weeping woman definitely had an impact...

We are off to the BP Portrait award show next week,,,