A love of art and design has been a constant theme in Sarah's life. Having completed a degree in Politics and Business Economics at Trinity College Dublin in 1989, Sarah undertook teacher training and qualified as a teacher in 1994. In 2000, she entered Edinburgh College of Art to study for a degree in Art and Design and successfully completed the second year of the course.

Since then, while maintaining a career in teaching, Sarah has continued to devote time to her artwork, attending classes at Leith School of Art from 2003 to the present. Under the tutelage of Jacqueline Watt, Jane Couroussopoulos and Kenneth le Riche, she has developed a distinctive style of mark making.

The symbiotic inter-relationship between nature and urban living is a key theme of Sarah's recent work. The edgelands of a city where town and countryside fray into one another. Her recent studies of Warriston allotments and the cycle paths surrounding them are a reflection of this interest. These are peaceful places where people eke out personal space and privacy in a busy city. They are also highly functional, acting as an artery through the city and providing people with fresh food for the table. Patches of land where every inch is utilised. Fences guarding every precious patch - a battle between the need for fencing and promoting fertility. Man-made yet largely untameable.

The oxygen in a city.

In 2010, Sarah launched Forget-me-not. As the name reflects, she paints or draws precious objects, people or places, taken from life or from photos. We all hoard things that we cannot throw out, or miss special people of places. Objects we have tucked away in a drawer. A painting brings those memories alive again. It may be a collection of objects on a shelf or a favourite toy or a former home.

In response to a demand for more focused after-school art tutoring, Sarah set up Trinity Arthouse in 2011. At present, Trinity Arthouse is a club for children and young people from 8 - 18. Classes are small and relaxed and a wide range of techniques and media are explored. All children and young people love to experiment and there is no such thing as someone who can't draw!